Amplify Science


Amplify Science

Amplify Science

Amplify Science is the core science curriculum used in SBPS for grades 6-8. Amplify addresses the Next Generation Science Standards through the following disciplines: Life Science, Earth and Space Science, Physical Science, and Engineering Design. 

Each grade level has a set of units that build knowledge across disciplines, so that past learning is connected to new concepts, applied to new phenomena, and further developed in each successive year.

6th Grade Units

  • Microbiome

  • Metabolism

  • Metabolism Engineering Internship

  • Traits and Reproduction

  • Thermal Energy

  • Ocean, Atmosphere, and Climate

  • Weather Patterns

  • Earth’s Changing Climate

  • Earth’s Changing Climate Engineering Internship

7th Grade Units

  • Geology on Mars

  • Plate Motion

  • Plate Motion Engineering Internship

  • Rock Transformations

  • Phase Change

  • Phase Change Engineering Internship

  • Chemical Reactions

  • Populations and Resources

  • Matter and Energy in Ecosystems

8th Grade Units

  • Harnessing Human Energy

  • Force and Motion

  • Force and Motion Engineering Internship

  • Magnetic Fields

  • Light Waves

  • Earth, Moon, and Sun

  • Natural Selection

  • Natural Selection Engineering Internship

  • Evolutionary History